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The 'Breuer Shaving Stand' at Manchester Art Gallery

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Product selected for exhibition "20/22: Shop 20 Craft Makers for £22"

I am delighted to announce that my product, the Breuer Shaving Stand, has been selected for exhibition and will be for sale at Manchester Art Gallery from 29th April.

The exhibition, '20/22: Shop 20 craft makers for under £22' , introduces 20 designer-makers from across the UK, amid the surge of interest in arts and crafts.

The Breuer Shaving Stand was first made available for sale through Paul James Workshop in 2021 and I will be genuinely thrilled to see it on display at Manchester Art Gallery, an institution which first opened my eyes to the to art world as a teenager, and was formative in my path to becoming an artist and designer.

Show some support!

The exhibition will open on 29th April and will run until 25th July. If you are a collector, craft enthusiast, or just want to take a look at some affordable contemporary craft, please come and show your support. The shaving stand will be available at its usual price of £19.99, and will still be available as always through my shop.

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