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Consilience Journal- Art, Poetry & Science

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

I am delighted to be selected for publication in July's issue of Consilience Journal, a fantastic peer reviewed online publication which works at the intersections of art, poetry, and science, where my painting 'Eternal' has been selected for the cover image for this months theme 'Emergence'.

Take a look at the full publication for free, where I discuss the influence of quantum physics, Taoism, and spirituality in my work, along with some other amazing artists and poets.

The full text for 'Eternal' as follows...


The Science

In Quantum Field Theory, particles are formed seemingly from nothing by vibrations in the field. The theory states that all particles in our universe are this invisible field itself, in an excited state. Similarly many religious beliefs allude to the creation of form from nothingness. Working through abstraction, 'Eternal' attempts to depict the creation of matter from 'nothing' as a movement from darkness into light and space

The black and white triangular forms have various scientific and religious connotations, but are predominantly derived from Taoist principles - essentially that male and female energies (or yin/yang) give birth to the physical world. These triangular forms direct the 'energy', alluding to the balance of giving and receiving, or flowing of energy, Tao, or vibration as we may call it. The black triangle can also be seen as a reference to dark matter which has provided something of a grid or pattern for our visible universe (the white triangle) to form in alignment with. The concept of planets, beings, and galaxies formed from dark matter as a 'shadow universe' is in the realms of science fiction, but the unknown aspects of dark matter and how it links to our material reality, is a constant source of scientific speculation.

Taoist emptiness (Wuji) is represented in the Taijitu Shuo (a traditional Taoist diagram) by an empty circle from which all matter is created, prior to the Yin and Yang birthing the manifest world. Here, an expanding solid orb within an empty circle represents 'Taiji' or Tao in motion. This is the spark of creation, a vibration where 'something' is formed from 'nothing'.

The seven radiations of colour refer to the manifestation of our physical universe from this process, as a display of brilliant light - that which is seen, known, and understood, and is therefore very simply represented by visible wavelengths of light, much like refracted light through a prism.

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