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Connected By Light Festival 2020/21

Like most outdoor activities, Canary Wharf's annual light art festival was restricted by Covid this year, but a socially-distanced version still took place for the public to enjoy in the form of "Connected By Light" festival, a series of light-artwork installations including Time & Tide.

The installation has been a regular on Canary Wharf's festival programme since its conception in 2019, and I would like to thank A13 Steel based in London for their fantastic efforts in making the installation a reality.

In addition to manufacturing this impressive structure, they played a large part in its design. At four meters in height, it was no simple task to produce, and they really went above and beyond in their services.

Hopefully the next time Time & Tide is on display, it can be enjoyed by large crowds of friends and family once again.

Take a look at A13 Steel and their wide array of design and build services.

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