Paul James Workshop

Paul James Workshop is based around imagination and freedom of creativity.

Any particular idea may be expressed through painting, sculpture, product design, or whichever medium may be the most effective way to translate the idea.

This allows me to create unique artworks across boundaries, rather than within them, which stem from a wide range of influences. 

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My practice was founded in 2019, with the intention of blurring the borders of creative expression.
Having a varied background spanning music, film, art, and design, I am able to work with various mediums to find the most suitable approach to express my ideas. Painting, sculpture, music, or crafts may therefore be used on any given project, with the learning of necessary techniques along the way being a key part of the practice. This maintains an ethos to always be learning, to stay inspired, and to further my creative freedom- the medium is prescriptive to the idea, so the idea is not bound by the limits of any particular medium.
The themes expressed in my work can alter dramatically over time according to my interests. I have previously engaged in concepts ranging from environmental issues, philosophy, and spirituality. Personal interests such as music, geometry, literature or science may take precedence at any time, so artwork remains unique and unusual.
An attempt is always made to express the message with a minimalism that lends itself to purity, the guiding factor in this being the influence of nature. Visual excitement and creativity is maintained, but a certain vagueness always permeates, leaving the audience to fill in the blanks. Ultimately, the aim is to inspire and be inspired.

Available on a commission basis for both private and public clients.

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