Paul James Workshop

Paul James Workshop was founded in 2019 in Manchester, beginning with the successful commission of the art installation "Time & Tide" for Canary Wharf, London.

Since then the body of work has grown steadily across various art forms including painting, installations, and product design.
Central to his practice is a belief in the freedom of creativity, spanning music, film, art, and design, to create truly unique artwork.
A strong and varied narrative and bold use of form and colour are always present.  His artwork reflects his varied interests, often taking form where science, philosophy, and spirituality all meet. A minimalistic approach is then taken to preserve the simplicity and essence of the message.
His varied creative background means he is able to work with various mediums to find the most suitable approach to express his ideas, with the learning of necessary crafting techniques along the way being a key part of the practice. This maintains an ethos to always be learning, to further his creative freedom, and ultimately to inspire and be inspired.

Available on a commission basis for both private and public clients.

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My practice is based around imagination and freedom of creativity without limitations.

Any particular idea may be expressed through painting, sculpture, or product design, whichever may be the most effective way to translate the idea.

This allows me to create unique products and artworks - you will not find these designs anywhere else - which stem from a wide range of influences. 

Please get in touch to discuss new projects, press requests, collaborations, and commissions.

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