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Paul was born in Manchester, UK, and now lives and works between there and Cheshire, founding his practice Paul James Workshop full time in 2019.


His earliest influences into art and creativity were through music, exploring genres through the decades and centuries, and his exploration of art history took the same path- references to masters of the past are scattered throughout his work.


He has a varied background, spanning music, film, art, design, and architecture. Personal interests such as music, geometry, literature, poetry or science may take precedence as a means of communication at any time, so the artwork continually evolves.

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I believe in the freedom of creative expression. As an artist and designer I am constantly searching for what that means, and in doing so I revise and reinterpret my approach.


I avoid constricting myself by keeping my horizons broad. I search for the things that connect us: as humans, and as a part of the universe.  Sometimes this means exploring spirituality and interpreting the concepts that resonate most with me. Sometimes it means exploring scientific theories that show how connected the universe is. Sometimes it means telling stories of the people I have met along the way. I try to take cues from nature, and ask what it means to be natural.


Having a varied creative background, I am able to work with various mediums to find the most suitable approach to express my ideas. Painting, sculpture, music, or crafts may therefore be used on any given project, with the learning of necessary techniques along the way being a key part of the practice.


This approach results in unique art and design. There is a naivety in my work that allows the concept to take precedence, and provides a creative freedom that allows the media to be prescriptive to the idea, so the idea is not bound by the limits of any particular medium

Available on a commission basis for both private and public clients.

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